You’re What We’re Looking for!

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For us, here at the Michigan Green Party, we are Forward Thinking and want people that like us, would like to protect our biosphere, make sure that our lakes and air stay clean, and would like to prioritize the thriving of our Michigan families. 

We want to support and protect our communities from Corporate Greed.  Our goals are to make sure that our kids are being cared for, and able to thrive and feel secure in their strong contributions to change.

The protection of our communities, families, and environment, while creating an economic system that is sustainable, and forward thriving can put a stop to our current system that reinforces suffering for many. We need and want to do better. We are looking to build a community of like minds that are open to what the Party needs to get ahead. If that's you, come and join us. Come and build out our committees, common build our communities because you are a Green leader of the Great Lakes and you belong with us. 

You can join our Be Green in Oakland County local that will allow you know more about our Party Leadership, our Party actions, and for you build a stronger community. 

Contact us, and find out more. 

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